Asset Management

Alphatag is a systems based asset management system that tracks the lifecycle of an asset, its maintenance and reactive history, environment, warranty and compliance management.

System hierarchal architecture:

  • Grandparent asset:
    The building with a unique QR code at the main access to the building containing operating and maintenance data, floor schematics and the parent and child assets contained within the building
  • Parent asset:
    The systems contained within the building (fire, CCTV and access control systems)
  • Child asset:
    The devices that connect to the parent asset or systems (smoke/heat detectors, manual call points, input/output interface modules, cameras, card/proximity readers)


Our in-house data analysis team will be able to track and provide the customer with management information on their assets that will allow us to demonstrate statutory compliance and provide a holistic approach to the management of the maintenance programme for both the parent and child assets.

Whether the customer chooses to “sweat the asset” to prolong it’s life through increased visits, run to fail and opt to replace or introduces a condition based maintenance approach; the advantages are clear that if you have accurately analysed data reporting you can make informed decisions around both your operating and capital budgets knowing that the systems that protect and secure your business and people are operating at their optimum levels.

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