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Local Authority

Working on behalf of Local Authorities throughout London and the Home Counties has been part of our businesses DNA since conception and remains a sector which we value highly. Supporting local councils and authorities to ensure their residential and commercial stock remains in compliance with the relevant standards for firE & life safety and security systems.

Whilst providing a compliance-based service is at the forefront of our ethos, we remain focussed on ensuring government funds are efficiently and responsibly allocated to services and systems which keep their communities safe and secure.

In a time where public funds are stretched and housing is in extremely high demand, we recognise the importance of targeted investment and responsible usage of budgets for both routine maintenance and capital upgrades. Our solution to this has been the development of a trend analysis and data reporting tool, which captures and presents data to our customers with granular detail on sites, systems or estates which generate ‘above average’ costs for repairs and reactive works. This data is presented in real-time with historical comparisons, providing insights into the areas which should be considered for investment in the short, medium and long-term.

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